Westbury Branch meetings 

Thursday evening (28th October) at the Methodist Church vestibule on Station Road, Westbury,  at 7.15pm[n.b. current covid restrictions still apply see below].
This month, we are going "Back to Basics" where starting family research is concerned. Unlike Dame Judi Dench and all the other "Who do you think you are" celebrities, we do not have someone leading us by the hand and helping us to find the next clue in the mystery of our ancestors (great or small) and their lives.
As a refresher for some, and a help to others, we are calling on the knowledge of our committee and other branch members to steer us in the right direction where family research is concerned.
Each of those taking part will share on the themes below for a maximum of five minutes; which will be followed by an open forum where members can ask questions and/or share themselves about how they got started with their own family research.
As we shall not be providing drinks and refreshments, please bring your own - and please wear face coverings when entering and moving around the building.
We do hope that you can join us for the evening and share something of your perspective where family research is concerned.
The five minutes talks are as follows (in order):
  1. Gaynor: Inheriting research and getting started with creating a family tree.
  2. Valerie: Setting out a family tree
  3. Graham: using free websites
  4. Lynne: Using historic newspapers as a resource
  5. Mike: Using documents and photographs as part of your research
  6. Diana: Using Ancestry as a fee-paying resource, and also a short introduction to DNA

Westbury Branch meetings restrictions 

However, we are afraid that we will have to follow some strict rules in order for the meeting to take place:

1] That if you have any covid symptoms, we request that you do not attend. Sorry!

2] That we would appreciate that you wear face coverings when you enter the building and when you move around within it. However, we are happy for you to remove these while you are seated.

3] That as we have to ensure a flow of air throughout the foyer area, we will endeavour to leave as many doors and windows as can be comfortably left open, to be left open.

4] Unfortunately we cannot use the kitchen, so we are suggesting that everyone brings their own drink with them, such as bottled water or other cold drink, or an insulated mug or thermos containing a hot drink.

5] When you arrive, we will ask you to write your telephone number in the register, as well as your name, and (if relevant) your Society membership number

6] We will also only use one table and try to create some form of social-distancing where the chairs are concerned.

It is hoped that we will have a speaker for our November meeting.

Please keep the evening of Thursday 16th December free as we hope to have a meal together. Details later.

Rev Graham Warmington


Recent meetings

on Thursday 23rd September at 7.30. Our focus for the evening will be a catch-up! We really want to know how you have been getting on with your personal family history research over the past eighteen months. If this has ground to a stand-still, don't worry - because as an alternative we would like to hear about one of your grandfathers - maybe their war experience, or some accomplishment that they achieved in their lifetime.

On Thursday 24th June at 7:30 Helen Bagott, a freelance editor and writer shared her love of social history. Using genealogy resources she has researched hundreds of postcards sent during the early years of the 20th century. She has published her first collection of some of the true stories in "Posted in the Past".  Drawing on the research from her collection of more than 300 postcards, she shared some of the stories in an illustrated talk.

On Thursday 27th May at 7:30, Mr David R Cuffley, from Kent talked about "Brickmaking". The talk was originally presented to try to give family historians an idea of the work their brickmaker ancestors were doing and their working conditions. It’s has been extended to give local historians an idea of the work on the brick-field with some sources for further information. It covered the period from 1700s to WW1 with an emphasis on the 19th century, and how the workforce acts as teams, their wages and social conditions.

On Thursday 22nd April and 7.30pm, Mr Ashley Jones gave a zoom talk entitled, " There is more to your favourite toys than meets the eye ". During the talk, he talked about the story behind some of the popular toys and games  we all know. 
Ashley's talk followed Westbury Area's Annual General Meeting for members of the Westbury branch. 


 Meetings: Methodist Church, Station Road, Westbury BA13 3HA, (Click for map) fourth Thursday each month 7.15pm

Contact - Mrs Lynne Vercoe 01373 823590


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