Sale of our publications during the corona virus pandemic

Our sales leaflet and on-line stall both indicate that our publications are available in print, as downloads or through the on-line publisher

To protect our volunteers and to comply with UK Government requirements, we will no longer accept orders for printed publications while movement restrictions are in place.

This will apply to orders for printed publications both through Genfair and by post.

Downloads remain available through Genfair and certain printed books through See links to both below.

If you really want a printed version, you can register your interest by emailing the Publications Officer - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Once restrictions are lifted or eased then you will be contacted to let you know an order can be placed.

As a result of our members' transcribing efforts over many years the Society makes the results available in a wide range of publications in various formats. Our publications include an ever growing list of transcripts of baptisms and burials for many of Wiltshire's parishes and also publications specific to Wiltshire, its institutions and population. 

Free Name Indexes to Publications

We are able to provide free name indexes to almost all of our digital publications. Click Indexes for the Free Indexes page.

Product availability and Sales Leaflet

You can see the full range of our products in three ways:

Sales Leaflet. The current list of transcripts and other publications is in our leaflet Parish Register Transcripts and Other Publications. It lists all of our products except microfiche and also advises how they can be purchased direct from Wiltshire Family History Society Resource Centre.

On-line Stall.  We sell almost all of our products on-line through Genfair. Click here to go straight to our stall within the Genfair site. If it fails click here to go to the Genfair home page. There, click the 'supplier' button and scroll down to and click Wiltshire Family History Society, which will take you to our stall. Once there you can browse through the pages or make more detailed searches. Microfiche are only listed in our Genfair stall. on-line stall at Genfair does not contain the large sized publications. Click here to visit the Lulu website to see details of all the transcripts. Lulu publishes in several countries and postage tends to be cheaper than if posted from the UK. Additionally, you receive your copy direct from the printers, usually within a week of ordering. Most of these parish transcripts are now available through our CMB series of products on CD-ROM or as e-downloads.

Parish Register Transcripts

Baptisms and Burials The Society is nearing completion of a programme of transcribing baptisms and burials from parish registers and bishops transcripts for Wiltshire before civil registration (1837). 

Marriages The Society has not transcribed marriage entries in parish registers. However, all parish marriages to 1837 have been transcribed and the data is owned by Nimrod Research. The Society has published these transcripts in a joint venture with Nimrod Research. Marriage data is available in a series of three CDM titles. To see a map showing the breakdown of parishes within CDM titles click here

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials Marriage data is now being made available through our CMB series of 37 titles. To see how parishes are distributed in these titles, click here

Other publications

We have published an extensive range of A4 publications covering the county and subjects ranging from criminal proceedings, early censuses, pew rents, bastardy to Coroner records, as well as an A5 series of titles relating to aspects of life in Wiltshire localities.

Parish map. Thanks to one of our members, we can now offer a map of Wiltshire showing its parishes. Follow this link to view the map, which can be purchased for just £1.

Publishing formats

Printed book. The majority of publications are printed in-house, but some are too large and are published through the on-line publisher,

Microfiche. We no longer publish on microfiche. However, some titles are still available in this format and are listed on our Genfair stall.

CD-ROM. We have a range of CD-ROM titles;

Marriages. Three CDs giving county wide coverage.

Combined baptisms/marriages/burials. A programme of publishing 37 CDs, each with transcripts of baptisms, marriages and burials to 1837 for one or more parishes, together with indexes.

Other publications. Three CDs; Marriage licence bonds for Wiltshire, Berkshire & Dorset, Summary convictions and St Marks Swindon (late C.19)

e-Download. A number of CD-ROM titles are also available as e-downloads.

Purchasing Publications

Ordering by post Information on ordering by post is included in the Parish Register Transcripts and Other Publications leaflet (link above).

Ordering on-line. Large publications can be ordered through All other publications are available through Genfair.

Open days and fairs. You can buy our publications from our stall at various family history events we attend. Go to our Events Calendar page to see the shows we plan to attend.

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