Free Name Indexes to Publications

Click here for free name indexes to many of our digital publications. PDF format and downloadable.

Sales Leaflet

All of our publications, less microfiche, are listed in our Sales Leaflet

Publishing formats

Printed books. All publications are offered as printed books. 

CD-ROM. We have a range of CD-ROM titles;

CMB series - 37 titles, when transcribing is complete.

Single data sources - such as Wiltshire Poor Law.

Compilations - groups of our County and Parish series of books.

e-Download. All printed books and CD-ROM titles are also available as e-downloads.

Microfiche. We no longer produce microfiche. Those still available are listed on our Genfair stall.


On-line. All publications are available through GENfair, including microfiche. Click here to go straight to our stall within the GENfair site.

Post Information on ordering by post is included in our Sales Leaflet (link above).

Open days and fairs. We take many of our publications to various family history events we attend. Go to our Events Calendar page to see the shows we plan to attend.


Parish Register Transcripts

Baptisms and Burials The Society is nearing completion of a programme of transcribing baptisms and burials from parish registers and bishops transcripts for all Wiltshire before civil registration (1837). 

Marriages We have teamed up with Nimrod Research, who own the Wiltshire marriage transcript data, and have published a series of compilation CDs of groups of parishes throughout the county, each with christening, marriage and burial data, our CMB series.

Other publications

Non-conformist records - A variety of non-conformist sources.

Wiltshire Constabulary - Records of officers appointed 1839-1927.

Poor Law - Including bastardy, settlements, removals and summary convictions.

Vagrancy and travelling folk - Hiring fairs and those passing through the county.

Tithe awards - A complete transcript of 19th Century records.

Manor court records - A growing list of transcribed records from manorial courts.

A4 County series - Coroners, military, censuses, pew lists and rents and much more.

A5 Parish series - Over 40 titles giving a closer look into rural  life. 

Parish map - showing parishes in 1936. Follow this link to view the map.  An A3 copy on card can be purchased for £1.

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